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A real effort has been made to keep the process as simple as possible while providing the power of 32bit data processing. Single click functions using a familiar windows interface make the import process a painless affair. The user need only fill in 3 fields (with the option to correct any errors) and the rest of the download process is performed by a single click of the mouse.

import screen

Base Station Software Main Screen ...

The ATLite traffic survey program is a complete traffic analysis system to aid traffic managers, city planners, municipalities and police departments in planning and controlling traffic in their jurisdiction. Complete details are instantly available on locations showing totals, averages, 85th %, pace and more. Beyond the full data screen, reports, graphs and charts are available for any given need with just a click of the mouse.

ATLite On-Screen Reports & Graphs ...

All the graphs and charts are just a single click away once the data survey is chosen. Charts range from the 85th Precentile to a complete breakdown by 15 minute time spans.

ATLite Printed Reporting ...

All reports are formatted for optimum printer output and data content.
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