Cen-Tech Digital Multimeter
[Digital Multimeter]
Item code: 92020
3.5 Digit, 7 segment, 0.5" high liquid crystal display. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND
  • DC Voltage: 200 mV ~ 1000 Volts
  • DC Current: 200 uA ~ 10 Amps
  • AC Voltage: 200 Volt and 700 Volt range
  • Resistance: 200 ohms ~ 2000K Ohms
  • Diode: 1mV resolution
  • Transistor: Hfe, Test both NPN and PNP
Comes complete with test leads and a battery is installed. As an added feature, there is a switch for backlighting the display panel (very handy in low light conditions). The model number has change for this item and the color is red. The old model number was P35761.
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