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The railmaster cordless speed radar gun was designed specifically for railroad use. Its dual slow/fast speed range settings give you dead-on accuracy in humpyards and on the open track. The railmaster can be used from the ground to measure the speed of a train coming toward you, or moving away from you, and it can be used on the train itself as a speedometer.

easy to use
The face panel has a 3-digit backlit LCD display and three control buttons. By using the "menu" and "select" buttons you can control display backlighting, sensitivity (distance range), power on or off, speed range/display settings, MPH or KPH units, serial communication output mode, and speed hold time.

The railmaster is powered by two Black & Decker VersaPak rechargeable batteries. These high quality batteries are easy to load and unload, and give you hourd of performance on a single charge.

The railmaster uses a K-band (24.150 GHz) antenna that has excellent distance range capability. This antenna has been approved by the FCC under Part 15 which means you do not need an FCC operator's license.

Power button, Menu button, Select button, Trigger - simple

Selectable settings
Display backlighting on/off
Sinsitivity (distance range)
Speed Range
Speed display hold time

Standard Package
Radar gun (black)
Railroad application operational software
Units of measure are MPH and KPH (U\user selectable)
Low speed range from 1-75 MPH in whole numbers
High speed range from 3 - 32o MPH in whole numbers
Speed range from 1.0 - 75.9 MPH in tenths
Communication port installed (not active)
Black & Decker VersaPak 2-port charger
Two Black & Decker rechargeable batteries
77.6 MPH test fork
Operators manual
Hard shell carrying case
Two-year full warranty

Railmaster Price List / Features
Model NumberModel Type / FeaturesPrice
RailmasterFeatures to be added later$

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