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The School Bus monitoring system is a complete solution for the solving the problem of
those motorists who habitually pass the school bus when the "No Passing Lights" are flashing.

[Bus Camera Diagram]
Features and product list
  • System activated when driver turns on the emergency flashers
  • Front Camera - faces to the rear to capture image of all approaching vehicles.
  • Rear Camera - faces forward to capture violators license plates
  • Digital images of violators captured and stored on computer file
  • Infrared cameras and light source captures images in total darkness
Systems can be customized to your current bus system and individual needs. "Base Station" software allows frame sequence replay of any violation as well as a sequence print out for court/evidence purposes. The court/database system tracks repeat violators, facilitates "Motor Vehicle Department" lookup and vehicle matching. Optionally, this base station software can produce an agency standard citation with photo inset ready for mailing. See a sample of the type of citations we produce under our Auto-Trax product section.

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