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What is Photo-LIDAR?

Photo-LIDAR is the new generation replacement for the older Photo-Radar systems. LIDAR uses an IR Pulsed Laser Diode to measure speed, distance and direction. By using a beam width of less than one-degree, an accuracy level is achieved that can not be reached by the older radar systems. As the beam crosses the traffic lanes, it can only target one vehicle at a time and minimize the possibility of false readings. The beam can also be "gated" so that only vehicles within a set of distances will be read. The other feature of LIDAR is that the unit can tell if a vehicle is traveling towards or away from the source. The system can therefore be set so that a vehicle traveling in only one direction can be captured if desired.

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In the Auto-Trax Photo-LIDAR system, the unit is mounted in parallel with a high-definition digital video camera and a mobile computer system. The equipment is usually located in the police vehicle, although, it can be configured to "stand alone". Photo's are taken of both the front (face) and rear (plate) of the vehicle in violation. Non violating vehicles are also counted and timed for demographic purposes only. The unit is fully digital and uses no film or tape.


The Complete Photo LIDAR System

Our Auto-Trax System is just that, a system. The officer operating the mobile portion of the system is the person responsible for capturing the physical data of the offense and the base station operating personnel are the people responsible for the issuance of the citations or warnings. The software for the base station goes beyond total court support, financial records, reports and documentation. It offers complete tracking and lookup of any recorded offense and images. The software also keeps track of every (not just the violator) vehicles information, except for image, in the LIDAR's path so that officials can produce vehicle demographic informational reports. Please see the Software section for a more complete description.


Key Benefits of Photo LIDAR

  • Extremely easy to use software
  • Produce citations, warnings, reports, graphs, financial and demographic information
  • Highly accurate laser beam control
  • Very reasonable purchase cost - Contact your nearest representative office to receive a quotation to suit your budget.
  • All revenue goes directly to the municipality (not a leasing/service company)
  • Pays for itself in less than 3 months
  • High community acceptance (operated by and for the community)

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