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  What type of hardware can be expected with the Auto-TRAX TM system?

Mobile (vehicle) hardware...

Only the highest quality optics and digital cameras are used in building an Auto-TRAX (tm) system. The front camera (for producing a rear photo of the car) is typically mounted inside the cruiser on a quick release mount. The rear camera (for producing a front photo of the vehicle) is mounted on a removable mount at the edge of the cruiser.

[Car and Lidar]
[Front Camera Mount]
(Alternate mounting sites are easily configurable.)

   To meet the needs of all types of municipalities, Auto-TRAXtm systems can be ordered as a Photo- LIDAR or a Photo- RADAR system. In either system the operation and software are similar to each other.
[Camera and Radar]
Photo-Radar and camera
[Camera and Lidar]
Photo-LIDAR and camera

[Mobile Computer]
A compact style Pentium class computer is mounted either in the rear seat area or in the trunk of the cruiser. Included in the computer is the removable hard disk that is used to transfer the collected data to the base station computer.

[Mobile Computer Disk]

Base station hardware...

[Base Computer] A current generation Pentium class computer is supplied for all base station functions. Each computer will have a removable hard disk to interface with the mobile computers and a large multi-gig internal hard drive. Data backup can be made on the removable (1 gig) hard disks. Each system will include a 8ppm or faster laser printer.
[Base Laser Printer]

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