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Auto-TRAXtm Report Generator

Daily Reports..

A full array of reporting styles are available for the daily operation of the traffic management service provider. Three styles of daily summaries & lists for both individual vehicles as well as summaries and averages of the combined vehicles in the field for the given day.
Totals and summaries are also given for monthly, quarterly and yearly performances. Any statistition in the municipality will love the depth of data available.

[Sample Reports]

Custom Reports..

For those who desire greater control of demographics and manpower usage, we have included four custom reports (similar to the one shown here to the right) which allow the choice of comparison between precincts, locations, officers and survey zones. These can be generated for a given day, week, month, quarter, year, or any time frame desired.
[Custom Report}

Graphs and Charts..

To complement the charts with raw numbers, we have included an assortment of graphs which will make the point much faster and easier. The graphs are fully documented and show data in a form that most people understand and identify with. For many, raw numbers are just plain too hard to quantify and make any sense out of - for them, graphs are the logical answer.

[Sample Graph]

Court Support Document..

Finally, we have included among the others, a "Court Support Document". This document serves both as a tool of the prosecution in proving their case and for the defense to show why their client may not be guilty. The document clearly shows the picture of the violation, the plate number and the relationship of the violator with respect with the five vehicles before him and the five vehicles after the event with their respective speeds.

[Court Support Document]

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